The wonderful weirdness of a book-to-film adaptation.

by Mark Wallace

Novelist’s perspective on being involved with the film adaptation of their work. Interesting that she credits the scriptwriter with improving the work in certain respects.

Vulpes Libris

This piece first appeared on Project UKYA.

WatergateBay Image of Watergate Bay taken during location scouting for Bluer Than The Sky. Copyright Lisa Glass.

I have been mostly absent from Vulpes Libris during the past year and a half. This was largely because of book contract deadlines and having another baby, but it’s also been because of my involvement in the adaptation of my YA novel Blue for the big screen. I originally wrote the following piece for Project UKYA, but we had a spare day in the Vulpes Libris schedule, so here’s to a spot of recycling.


Working as a co-producer on book-to-film project Bluer Than The Sky (adapted from my UKYA novel Blue) has been a peculiar experience. It’s been thrilling too, of course, and I know I’m very fortunate to have a great team working on bringing this Cornish beach story to the big screen…

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